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Domain Queries

Whois Query

Lists contact informations for domain/IP
Enter domainname/IP (eg.

NS Query

Shows your nameserver info at registry
Enter nameserver (eg.

Zone Health Check

Checks your dnszone for errors
Enter zone name, not IP (eg.

Punycode (IDN) Converter

Converts from/to internationalized name
Enter domain name or IDN, (eg. èxámplê.com)

IP Queries

IP Whois Query

Lists contact informations for domain/IP
Enter IP (eg.

IP2Location Query

Lists location information for an IP
Enter IP (eg.

Reverse DNS Query

Queries IP address for a PTR record
Enter IP/IPv6 (eg.

RBL Query

Queries status of your IP at RBL’s
Enter IP (eg.

Hostname Queries

DNS Record Query

Queries a DNS record in class "IN"

Enter hostname (eg.

DNS Traversal

Makes a traversal query for a DNS record

Enter hostname (eg.


Traces route packages to your IP/Host

Enter hostname/IP


Shows time for reaching your IP/Host
Enter hostname/IP

Other Tools

Subnet Calculator

Calculates ranges of a netmask/CIDR
Enter IP with CIDR or Netmask

IP Converter

Converts an IP to misc formats
Enter IP in any format, long, hex, etc

E-mail Test

Checks smtp server for possible errors
Enter hostname/IP

HTML Validator

Checks url containing HTML for errors
Enter URL (eg.

CSS Validator

Checks url containing CSS for errors:
Enter URL (eg.

SPF Query

Checks SPF record validity
Enter e-mail domain or email address (eg. [email protected])
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